Fly a Sky Lantern at Shifen Old Street

by - October 31, 2017

Shifen Old Street is located at Pingxi district. It was once a railroad town that transports coal. Meanwhile, the sky lantern was used as a signalling system for those who are working in the coal mining industry and their families.

The Sky Lantern

Shifen old street is the only place in Taiwan where you can fly a sky lantern. It is open all year round. Every January 15 is the sky lantern festival.

A sky lantern costs 200 NTD. You can choose a single coloured or multi-coloured lantern. Each colour has a meaning. The famous colour combinations are red for wealth, yellow for money, blue for career, and orange for love. After choosing your lantern, you will write your wishes on it. They believe that God in heaven will read and grant written wishes.

The Foods

Chicken Wings with Fried Rice 
Thai Style Hot and Spicy Chicken

After flying a sky lantern, a food trip is a must. We tried Chicken Wings with Fried Rice (70 NTD) and Thai Style Hot and Spicy Chicken (120 NTD). Both are delicious and a must-try. 

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