Exploring Taipei on a Bicycle

by - October 29, 2017

I have butterflies in my stomach while planning this activity because first of all, I am not a good biker. I rarely drive a bike and had terrible experiences with it. I once tried in Japan and I bumped into a guardrail. In Bantayan Island, Cebu I bumped into a tree. But good thing, I did not experience any of these in Taiwan.

Taiwan is indeed a bike-friendly country. Their spacious sidewalks are dedicated to pedestrians and bicycles. For a not good biker like me, it is pretty bearable because of their two-way bike lanes.

How to rent a bicycle in Youbike

  1. Secure a local sim and Easycard. You can buy a local sim from Klook. Easycard is a top-up card for public transportation.
  2. Go to the nearest Youbike terminal. You can find this beside any rail station.
  3. For first-timers, register your Easycard and local phone number at the terminal kiosks. One local phone number can register up to 5 Easycards for YouBike usage.
  4. Choose a bike. Make sure it is in good condition: the gear and brake are working, the tire is not flat, etc.

How much does it cost

For a rental under 4 hours, every 30 minutes is charged NT$10
Between 4-8 hours, every 30 minutes is charged NT$20. 
Over 8 hours, every 30 minutes is charged NT$40.

Where to start 

I decided to jump-start our bicycle adventure at Xinbeitou station. But before that, we made a side trip to Beitou Thermal Valley. The jade-like pond gives off eerie sulphuric steam that makes a picturesque view.

After some photo ops at Beitou Thermal Valley, we went back to a YouBike terminal near Xinbeitou station.

How did it go

It was not an easy kickoff. We started on narrow roads along the highway. I did not ride my bicycle at first because I'm afraid of bumping into the parked cars. It was after an approximate of 1 km before we arrived on a wider bike lane.

Another 1 km and we arrived at Keelung River Riverside Bicycle Lane. But before continuing our bicycle adventure, we stopped by at a cafe to refuel our hungry and parched bodies.

Keelung River Riverside Bicycle Lane

Last stop: Tamsui Station

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