Twin Hike: Mt. Manunggal & Mt. Mauyog

by - July 29, 2017

"The best view comes after the hardest climb."
Manulit Peak, Balamban

Mt. Manunggal

A historical place where the presidential plane, Mt. Pinatubo crashed which killed President Ramon Magsaysay and 24 others.

Mt. Manunggal campsite is just a 10-minute trek from the drop-off point. 

Our guide to Mt. Manunggal Campsite. We named her Marga.

The engine of Mt. Pinatubo

A monument for President Magsaysay was erected to commemorate his death.

Manulit Peak 

A 20-minute trek from Mt. Manunggal campsite awaits a hidden gem. It is like a smaller version of Mt. Mauyog. It also has a rocky peak and a picturesque 360-view. 

Manulit peak is not included in our itinerary but we met kids, John and Mariefel who are willing to guide us to the peak. 

Sayon ra daw ang trail T_T.
This is 5 minutes away from the peak.

Manulit Peak

Mt. Mauyog

Just a 30-minute ride from Mt. Manunggal is the famous brain-like peak in Cebu, Mt. Mauyog. It takes 35-minute ascent, from the foot to reach its top. 

Sidetrip: West 35


  • 5:45 am: Departure: JY Square, Lahug to Mt. Manunggal (via Curos-curos intersection)
  • 7:00 am: Mt. Manunggal
  • 7:50 am: Manulit Peak
  • 11:40 am: Mt. Mauyog
  • 2:20 pm: West 35
  • 5:20 pm: Arrival: JY Square, Lahug


  • 417:   Van rental (5000 good for 12 pax)
  • 80:     Mt. Mauyog guide fee (600/12 pax) and disturbance fee (30 each)
  • 50:     West 35 entrance fee

Photo credits: 

John Ray Aligato (@jrayaligato)
Sheen Carbellido (@sheenzoned)
Van Ian Ignacio (@vanianignacio)

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